The PTA is here for you! We have many great programs to support the staff at Hollywood Hill. Please read below for details

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$200 Classroom Funds (for teachers only)

Each school year, teachers can submit a one-time reimbursement on items they need for the class totaling $200 or less. This benefit is provided for classroom use and is available to all general education classrooms, specialists (PE, Music, Library), sensory classrooms (K-2 and 3-5) and the Learning Center.  

For questions about the difference between the Staff Grants and the $200 Classroom Funds, please check out this helpful Grants vs Funds document.

To take advantage of this program, all teachers need to do is:

  1. Purchase supplies
  2. Submit a PTA Reimbursement Form (with receipts attached) to the PTA Treasurer

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Staff Grants

The HHE PTA provides staff grants for the purpose of enhancing the classroom, enabling instruction, improving school grounds, etc. All teachers and staff at Hollywood Hill Elementary are eligible to apply for a staff grant. Grant items are intended to be used within the requested school year and should be for long lasting classroom/school improvement, not one-time use. Supplies provided by Hollywood Hill or NSD, professional development items and transportation costs are not eligible for staff grants.

Staff grant requests must go through an application process which is held two times per year, one in the fall and another in the spring - Fall 2023 Application Deadline is October 2, 2023.

To apply for a grant, the staff member must submit a grant application to the PTA Grants Committee. After submitting a grant application, the request goes through our grant process which includes review/approval by the principal, grants committee and ultimately the PTA Board.

Staff grant funds should NOT be spent until the grant has been fully approved. In the event of any leftover grant funds, staff should return it to the Hollywood Hill PTA for future grant investment.

For questions about the difference between the Staff Grants and the $200 Classroom Funds, please check out this helpful Grants vs Funds document. If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact the PTA Grants Committee or the PTA President

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Field Trips

PTA provides $400 for each general education classroom to use towards field trips for the class. Please see Judy Robb for more information.

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PTA Membership

The PTA is offering free membership to all staff members this year. We encourage you to join!

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Room Parent/Art Docent/Volunteers

Both the Art Docent program and the Room Parent program are organized and funded by the PTA. The PTA also provides volunteers for events on campus (Ice Cream Social, Field Day). If you have a need for volunteers, please contact the PTA.

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The PTA sponsors and organizes after and before school Enrichment Opportunities for students. This includes classes, clubs and other activities. If you have an enrichment opportunity you would like to see at Hollywood Hill, please reach out to our Enrichment Coordinator. The Enrichments budget is set at the first of the year so please reach out ASAP. If we can't make it work this year, we add it to our budget list for next year.

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Staff Favorites

The PTA maintains a list of staff favorites to help families find meaningful gifts for the staff.

The list is also a great place for teachers to list an Amazon Wish List or other crowd source funded projects (e.g. Donors Choose). If you need to update your information on the teachers favorites page, please submit a new form or send any updates to Communications.

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Other Resources:

  • PTA Events Calendar
  • Northshore School Foundation (NSF)
    • NSF Grant - have an innovative teaching idea, classroom need or a great student experience you would like to create? NSF is here to help! Request support and apply for an NSF Grant. Grant requests are accepted all year long; elementary staff can apply for up to $1,000. 
    • Opportunity Fund - intended to provide academic scholarships and support for students with financial difficulties. Funds can be accessed by contacting a member of your school's Care Team.
    • Basic Needs Aid Assistance - families in crisis, experiencing a one-time event causing stress in the home are eligible for Basic Needs Aid Assistance which provides grocery money to help get a family back on their feet. All families, regardless of income level are eligible for these funds. Funds can be accessed by contacting a member of your school's Care Team
  • Nature Vision - FREE remote and in-person science programs featuring lessons about salmon, local ecosystems, and how we can protect our water resources If you have questions, please reach out to the Nature Vision Office Coordinator.

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