Room Parent Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to be a Room Parent!

Currently, parent/caregiver volunteers are not allowed in HH classrooms due to our school's safety restrictions, so please keep that in mind as you are planning the below with your teachers. You will be notified if this restriction changes. 

Room Parent Responsibilities: 

  • Create classroom email contact list and share with teacher (data made available from PTA website directory & Room Parent Lead)
  • Plan crafts/activities for parties, recruit volunteers (when allowed), request donations for snacks and drinks and attend party (if allowed)

*Room parents will be reimbursed by the PTA for up to $50 per year per class for expenses

  • Work with teacher/staff to be up to date on any classroom allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Help recruit volunteers (if allowed) for general classroom help or for activities such as field trips, Field Day or other teacher or PTA requests (such as Emergency Preparedness)
  • Occasionally communicate PTA or school information to class via email
  • Staff Appreciation Week: communicate information to class from the PTA Staff Appreciation Committee and assist committee with various tasks that week (such as making a bouquet on flower day)
  • Optional: organize a birthday, holiday and/or end-of-year gift for teacher

Additional Responsibilities:

5th Grade Room Parents:

  • recruit parents for Camp Cedar Springs (when allowed)
  • Plan 5th grade moving up events