Taste of Hollywood Hill Cultural Night
Wednesday April 5th 2023 - 6-8pm
Hollywood Hill Gym

Hollywood Hill is a school full of diversity and we want to celebrate all of it!


What is Cultural Night?
Cultural Night is a night for families to showcase their culture and backgrounds.  It is a night to celebrate the diverse cultures, countries and backgrounds that make up Hollywood Hill.  Families will share their culture through food samples and poster displays but that is just the beginning.  Sharing culture can be whatever families make it and can include traditional clothing and dress, jewelry, games, maps, pictures. the sky is the limit.  As a school and PTA, we strive to develop connections among our school’s different cultures, thereby strengthening and creating a closer community and cultural night is one way we do that.

Culture is not limited to other countries, the USA also has diverse traditions and foods! We encourage families to showcase all the regional culture and heritage that makes the USA such an amazing country. Consider representing your home state, the Mid-West, Alaska, Hawaii, the PNW, the East Coast, the South, the Southwest and so on are all welcome!  

What do we need from you?
We are looking for families of all cultures to participate and showcase their unique traditions.  Families will present their culture through poster boards and an optional (but encouraged) food item. We also encourage everyone to wear traditional clothing and dress!  Complete this form by March 31st, to sign up to participate.

  • Posters: Every participant will be asked to create a poster board showcasing their culture and/or country. The poster can include a map, pictures, languages, ceremonies, religions, celebrations, or anything else the participant would like to share. We also ask that participants be available at Cultural Night to answer questions about their culture. Poster boards will be provided by PTA beginning March 10th. Students can pick up their boards at the main office after completing the online form.
  • Food samples (optional but greatly encouraged). Participants are encourages to bring a food dish or “small bite” that showcases something special about their culture. We ask for approximately 50-75 very small sample- cup sized bites, but more is always welcomed. All food cups, small spoons, and napkins will be provided by PTA. Allergy information will be completed at table set up.

Want to Help?
Take a look at this sign up and see if you can help for an hour or so. Your student is welcome to help alongside you!

Contact Sarah Nelson, HHE PTA VP, Events


Participant Forms are due by March 31st so don't hesitate!