There are several open positions for next school year, please consider supporting your school in any of these much needed volunteer positions. 

Open positions for the Executive Committee: 

  1. President Elect -support the president and become president the following year.
  2. Treasurer – keeps track of financial information and writes checks for the PTA (training available).
  3. Vice President of Ways and Means – helps plan the fundraisers for the PTA-  (role can be filled by two people).
  4. Special Needs Representative – outreaches to our community to create awareness of students’ with additional needs and generate ideas to meet them.  
  5. Vice President of Community Outreach-  works to reach out to all of our families.   Helps the chairs of the food drive, picture day, first day coffee and other committees.  
  6. Vice President of Enrichment-   helps to coordinate enrichment programs at the school such as afterschool clubs, choir, and art docent.  

We also know that the following chair positions are open:

  1. Community serve day Leads
  2. Popcorn Coordinator
  3. Picture Day Parent
  4. Vision and Hearing coordinator
  5. Camp Read A lot Chair
  6. Art Walk Chair