While STEM Fair was happening in our gym, down in SeaTac, the Washington State PTA Convention had their opening night. Hollywood Hill PTA received an 'Award of Excellence' in the following categories:
1) PTA Newsletter, Silver Award. Congratulations to our entire Communications Team, and Magdalena Biernatowski in particular, for our excellent and informative newsletters!

2) Standards of Excellence, Gold Award. While everyone involved in PTA can be proud of our systems and standards, next year's PTA president, Sarah Newell, pulled together all the elements to win this gold at state level.

3) Family and Community Engagement, Gold Award. Under our Special Ed Rep, our community formed a Think Tank, a group of parents who have met twice this year and over email to identify barriers and brainstorm solutions so that all families can participate in all avenues of school and PTA life. Our school's Care, Comfort, and Coping Box (see below) and early Quiet Opens for some events came from Think Tank. Well done!

3) PTA Taking Significant Action, Gold Award. You may have appreciated our school's new Care, Comfort, and Coping Box (aka Sensory Box) at the school dance in February, as it provided earplugs and headphones for kids and adults who wanted them. The Box is permanently housed in the hallway between the Gym and Music Room, and contains quiet activities, a teddy bear, sensory cushion, fidgets, and lots of noise-reducing gear. It's available to all staff and families at all hours, so please check it out next time you need it!