Article by Charla Griffy-Brown

When we think of PTA, we often just think of moms who volunteer at the school, but

Hollywood Hills Elementary is part of….

Northshore Council, which is part of

PTA Region 6, which is part of 

the 140,000 voice strong of PTA members in Washington State working to bring resolutions and issues to state legislators.

Two members from our school went to the two-day PTA Legislative Assembly in Tacoma last week, and voting delegates from all over our state voted to bring these topics to Olympia.  If it seems like it’s a lot—it is!  PTA works hard for “every child, one voice”.  Charla Griffy-Brown (Legislative Advocate, HHE and Denise Needs, Special Needs Chair, HHE attended Legislative Assembly on Oct 20-21 in Tacoma. 

Delegates adopted resolutions on:

  • Mental Health Needs for Children
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Increasing Access and Affordability of Post-secondary/Higher Education Degrees and Certificates
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion

The following legislative issues were added to the “Also Supported” list for the 2018 Legislative Platform (in alphabetical order):

  • Addressing the Teacher Shortage
  • Best Practices for School Meal Policies
  • Career Connected Learning, CTE & Stem
  • Dual Credit Equality & Support
  • Equity for Highly Capable
  • Preventing and Mitigating the Impacts of Gender-based Violence
  • School Construction and Class Size Reduction